"Going on tilt" is the expression used when players become upset and lose control of their emotions. Consequently they start making poor decisions and play badly. A player on tilt will start to play any starting hands and call when he should not. If he has just suffered a bad beat, this could trigger him to go on tilt. He has lost money and is trying to make it back in one or two hands by playing overly aggressively with weak hands. His play becomes irrational. Like a child having a temper tantrum, he acts out in anger throwing chips in the pot trying to intimidate the other player. This will usually just lead to more losses.

Sometimes a player will get to the point where he just doesn't care how much money he has lost. Poker expert Mike Caro calls this crossing the threshold of pain. A player may be down a few hundred dollars and then figure what the heck does another hundred matter. It will matter a lot the next day to most players.

Players can go on tilt or steam when they direct anger at another player. This particular opponent may have beaten them out of a hand and they are now on a vendetta to get that person. They will raise and re-raise in hope of beating this player and getting their money back. This usually will backfire.

Players on tilt present a profitable situation for those at the table with a cool head. Often you will make money from one of these players. They will be throwing money around and it is up to you to catch it. Some may argue that its wrong to kick someone when he's down, but a player on tilt is fair game in a casino poker game. Just make sure it is not you.

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